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01. Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

When we offer to assist with your commercial real estate transaction, we are offering to handle your transaction from start to finish. If you have ever walked into a closing not knowing what to expect or struggled to obtain the recorded documents for a transaction that concluded six months ago, you will know why this start-to-finish service is so vital to your transaction. We specialize in making sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed, giving you some valuable peace of mind.As part of a standard transaction, we provide and/or coordinate the following services:

  • Perform a title examination, abiding by a minimum 40-year lien search standard but routinely perform 60+ year search

  • Issue a title insurance commitment and underlying documents to all parties

  • Coordinate with the surveryor

  • Examine and insure appurtenant easements

  • Close the transaction and disburse the funds

  • Record documents, subdivision plats, boundary surveys

  • Issue final title insurance policy and return original recorded documents in a prompt and timely manner


We handle closing and title insurance for a range of projects, including assemblage purchases, construction loan and permanent financing. We work closely with all parties to assure a seamless conclusion to your transaction or project.Some recent examples of local transactions we have handled:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio - $323 million office building

  • Madisonville, Kentucky - $37 million bond financing

  • Shepardsville, Kentucky - $51 million bond financing

  • Cleveland, Ohio - $23 million hotel

  • Athens, Ohio - $13 million shopping center

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