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This statement is being furnished to you for the purpose of disclosing the business relationship between Multi-State Title Agency, LLC ("MST") and Frost Brown Todd LLP law firm ("FBT").

MST is an Ohio limited liability company wholly owned by FBT. MST, by and through its Executive Managers, who are licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and other insurance regulatory agencies in other states, is in the business of issuing title insurance policies. MST acts as an approved title agency for various national title insurance companies.

For all Ohio title insurance transactions, the business of the issuance of title insurance is regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance ("ODI") and the rates charged are dictated by the rates on file at ODI. For other non-rate filed states such as Kentucky and Indiana premium rates charged for title insurance are negotiable by title insurance underwriters. MST receives a portion of the title insurance premium charged in each transaction as compensation for its services and, in addition, may make additional charges as compensation for additional services including title examinations, closing and settlement fees, and miscellaneous charges such as copy and fax charges. In all non-rate filed states, MST will attempt to negotiate a competitive rate with our respective title insurance underwriters with respect to a particular transaction.

At times, attorneys and employees of FBT may be working on legal aspects of a particular transaction. This legal work and the fees associated therewith are separate and apart from the premiums and other charges paid to MST in connection with the issuance of the title insurance policies. These FBT fees will be disclosed to you prior to the completion of the work or upon your request. FBT believes that its ownership of MST will not affect its exercise of its professional judgment with respect to transactions involving MST, and FBT continues to strive to deliver legal services in a timely, ethical and cost-efficient manner. Please be aware that the selection of a title insurance company is your choice. FBT does not require you to use MST or a title agent.

At times, in addition to providing title insurance, MST may also be performing settlement and closing services to you for real estate transactions. We recommend that you request a so-called "closing protection letter" from any title insurance underwriter insuring such transactions, protecting you, as the insured only, subject to certain conditions, against loss in the event of failure of MST or its employees to follow your written closing instructions, fraud, or dishonesty, in handling your closing funds or documents in connection with the transaction (specimen copies of such closing protection letters are available upon request).

Should you have any questions regarding this Disclosure, please contact:

Terrie M. Wells, Esq., Executive Manager or

John C. Krug, Esq., Manager

Multi-State Title Agency, LLC

301 East Fourth Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(513) 651-6170


Geoffrey White, Esq., Manager

Multi-State Title Agency, LLC

400 West Market Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

(502) 589-1087

Should you have any questions relating to the contents of any title insurance commitment, please contact:


Lynn O. Hughes, Jennifer L. Imsande, Esq., Cathy D. McDonald, or Mary S. Nurre

Multi-State Title Agency, LLC

(513) 651-6170

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