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04. Multi-Property Transactions

Multi-Property Transactions

We work nationally with multiple underwriting offices to facilitate multi-property transactions. From sale to acquisition and financing,
MST's staff has experience assisting with all aspects of large multi-property transactions. 

In the event MST cannot directly write the title insurance we can arrange and supervise the transaction by one of our many competent commercial title offices nationwide. When outsourcing work, in order to maximize cost efficiencies, we will solicit competitive bids for all title services we contract. 

Some recent examples of multi-property transactions we have handled:

  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure involving 10 properties in five states ($100 million)

  • 30+ site for a national bank reorganization (Washington, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas)

  • National institutional investor sale of properties to a REIT ($150 million)

  • Acquisition of 25 truck terminal sites in 15 states for a national transportation company ($40 million)

  • Construction loan for a retail project ($12 million – Texas)

  • Synthetic lease financing for corporate headquarters ($30 million – North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, North Dakota, Massachusetts)

  • 80 site transaction for branch offices ($200 million – Midwest)

  • Hotel sale ($7 million – Texas)

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